515-8C 15" Low-Frequency AlNiCo Loudspeaker (EACH)

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Great Plains Audio is pleased to reintroduce one of the finest low-frequency loudspeakers ever built, the Model 515-C Series Low-Frequency Loudspeaker. The Model 515-C is part of GPA’s new Classic Series  of loudspeakers, all of which are hand-made, incorporating precision manufacturing practices, a distinctive paint scheme, and featuring the superb sonic performance that can only be achieved through the use of massive AlnicoV magnetic assemblies.

In addition to the powerful AlnicoV motor structure, the  GPA Model 515-C Series Low-Frequency Loudspeaker utilizes a relatively light cone assembly. The result is a low-frequency loudspeaker that exhibits the highest possible conversion that is ideal for use in bass-horns, direct radiator enclosures, or in multiple arrays of low-frequency units.

Click here to view the 515-C spec sheet