415-8B Biflex Loudspeaker Jean Hiraga Special Edition (EACH)

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The 415-8B is the newest loudspeaker manufactured by Great Plains Audio This project was inspired by Mr. Jean Hiraga who is well known in the high-end world for his crossover designs, redesigns and modification of loudspeakers and amplifiers. After building successful speaker systems using used Altec 415’s he contacted Great Plains Audio with the idea of make them again.

So here it is the brand new 415-8B.

The Biflex principle solves the problem of obtaining full frequency reproduction from a single-cone loudspeaker. It is no longer necessary to compromise between the small cone of minimum weight diameter best for HF reproduction and the larger, heavier cone, optimum for bass response. The Biflex speaker utilizes the principle of dampened cone compliances. The entire area of the speaker cone propagates the low frequencies, and the smaller central cone the high frequencies.

It uses one low frequency woofer – 15-in. (381 mm) diameter cone 3 in. (76 mm) diameter voice coil

Spec Sheet 415-8B