604-8E II Coaxial 16 in. 2 way speaker AlNiCO Magnet (EACH)

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In response to the numerous requests that we have received from all over the world, Great Plains Audio is now manufacturing transducers with AlNiCo magnets. Since models made with these same materials were last produced many years ago, we refer to the models in this group as our Classic Series.

Perfect for studio monitoring, critical listening rooms, professional sound reinforcement systems, and home audio systems of the finest order.

In 1944, Altec Lansing released what is possibly the most famous loudspeaker ever made by anyone – the 604 DUPLEX®. A 16″ co-axial loudspeaker, it revolutionized the studio monitoring and became the world standard by which all others of that would follow for the next 50 years. Nothing sounds more natural and lifelike than a properly operating 604!