Model 19 crossover (EACH)

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The Great Plains Audio Model 19 is a 12-dB/octave, dual-section, passive crossover network, with a center frequency of 1,200 Hertz. This crossover is designed to replace the original crossover used in the famous Altec Lansing Model 19 speaker system. It may also be used with some of our Great Plains Audio products to create your own 2-way speaker system designs.

The Model 19 crossover is constructed using high quality components, including air-core inductors, polypropylene capacitors, and non-inductive wire wound resistors, which are all mounted to an over-sized copper trace printed-circuit board. Connections to the crossover are made using 12-gauge stranded wire, which provides the efficient transfer of audio power from amplifier to speaker. This crossover also includes two large (100 watt), L-pad controls, which allow adjustments in the mid and high frequency response, so the user can optimize the performance of their speaker system in a variety of applications.