N604-8C Crossover (EACH)

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The Great Plains Audio Model N604-8C is a 12-dB/octave dual-section passive crossover network having a center frequency of 1,500 Hertz. It is designed specifically to provide smooth response from our Model 604-8H-III Loudspeaker throughout its bandwidth. This combination results in a speaker system that is ideal for use in home theatre and high-quality audiophile systems, recording studios, and professional sound system installations.

The N604-8C is not an “off-the-shelf”, generic crossover, conceived by computer with resistive loads. Instead, it was created through extensive tests using an actual 604-8H-III loudspeaker in it’s proper enclosure in real time. This method of design resulted in a crossover that has been optimized for the 604-8H-III, which enables it to exhibit well balanced, phase-coherent performance at high power levels, but with ultra-low distortion.

The N604-8C Crossover is constructed using the components of the highest quality, including air-core inductors, polypropylene capacitors, and non-inductive wire wound resistors, which are mounted to a printed-circuit board having large copper traces. Connections are made using large, 12-gauge stranded wire, which allows for efficient transfer of audio power from the amplifier to the speaker.

The GPA Model N604-8C Crossover is the choice for use with our Model 604-8H-III when clear, natural, and uncolored sound reproduction are essential, and high power handling with low distortion are required.

Though specifically designed for our Model 604-8H-III Two-Way Loudspeaker, the N604-8C Crossover is also quite suitable for use with earlier Altec Lansing® 604-series loudspeakers. The 604-8G, 604-8H, 604-8K, and 904series loudspeakers all perform well using this crossover.